Career At Tuscany

At Tuscany, we offer a friendly and team oriented environment. We provide professional training, coaching and mentoring to quickly help you achieve your goals.

We are deeply committed to being the employer of choice for people who share our passion for real estate excellence and unparalleled customer service.

We are always looking for people with the initiative, foresight, and focus to recognize and seize business opportunities – while helping the company reach its aggressive growth goals.

Capabilities and skills key to employee success at Tuscany include customized client services, meaningful customer contact, long-term client partnerships, and innovative uses of technology, collaboration, successful interpersonal relationships, complex negotiations, and salesmanship. These abilities and skills are key to employee success.

If you are interested in an exciting career of Real Estate, please send us your resume, or contact us at 408-383-9889 or if you have not gotten your license, you can sign up for online Real Estate Courses by clicking at the link below:

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