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Homebuyer Checklist
what you should ask the seller or the listing agent when you're interested in a home?
Juggling buying and selling
Always sell before you buy. It may sound like common sense, but if you're like many sellers, you probably started attending open houses before you even thought about what it would take to sell your current home.
Choosing a mortgage - knowing your options
Most people assume they'll get a conventional 30-year, fixed-rate loan and overlook many other options.

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How much work should you do before selling?
Recently a couple that owned a home in Berkeley, Calif., decided to move to neighboring Piedmont. They started their search by visiting Sunday open houses. ...more
When is the right time to buy?
Some buyers will tell you that the best time to buy is during the winter holiday season. Is this good advice? ...more
Should sellers repair defects before selling?
After years of living in a home, it's easy to fall into a habit of overlooking home maintenance chores. If there's no urgency, many homeowners procrastinate. Often problems don't get fixed until a major disaster occurs like a roof leak in the middle of a monsoon. ...more
What should I consider before remodeling?
So, you're thinking about remodeling instead of moving... ...more
Should I wait until spring to sell my home?
Some sellers are averse to having their home on the market over the holidays. However, depending on market conditions in your area, this winter could be an opportune time to sell. ...more
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