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CAR Contract / Disclosures Forms Legal Forms Legal Forms (Continue)

CAR Disclosure Chart -2008

WIN_form_Shortsales_Purchase_Template (.zfx) download and import to WIN form

Offer Submission Checklist

Sample Purchase Package

Sample Purchase Contract

Buyer Materials Issue (req'd for Buyer Agent)

Sample Listing Contract

Blank Agency Disclosure

Blank Counter Offer

Blank Purchase CAR form

Blank NOD Purchase Contract

Blank Short Sale Addendum

Blank Final Walkthrough

Blank Addendum

Purchase Contract Review (pdf)

Purchase Contract Review (doc)

  Blank Fax Cover Sheet (doc)

Transaction Checklist

Short Sale Listing Check List

Short Sale Seller Check List

Prelisting Presentation and Action Plan

Transaction Timeline (doc)

Disclosure Check List

Shoes Removal Sign

Blank Guest Registry Sheet



Class3-Multi Residential

Class4-Mobil Home

Class5-Residential Lots & Lands

Class6-Commercial Lots & Land

Class7-Commercial Industrial

Class8-Business Opportunity

Class9-Commercial Rental

Class10-Residential Rental


3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit

Affidavit Death of Joint Tenant

Affidavit of Death

Affifavit of Death of Trustee

Affidavit of Surviving Spouse

All Inclusive Deed of Trust Assignment

Bay Area Closing Costs 06

Claim of Lien

Deed of Trust

Deed of Trust and Assignment of Rents

Documentary Transfer Tax Disclosure

Full Reconveyance

Grant Deed

Grant Deed Corporation

Holding Title (Spanish)

Homestead Declaration

Interspousal Transfer Grant Deed

Life of Escrow

Life of Loan

Mechanics Lien

Notice of Completion

Notice of Termination of Tenancy

Notice of Termination of Tenancy Month-to-Month

Notice of Trustee Sale


Power of Attorney General

Power of Attorney Special

Property Taxes

Quitclaim Deed

Request Notice of Delinquencies

Revocation Power Attorney

Substitution of Trustee

Substitution of Trustee and Full Recon

Taking Title - a

Taking Title - b

Trust Transfer Grant Deed

Trustee Sale

Change Owner Form



Trust Funds Received and Release Record

Commission Instructions

Hourly Employee Time Card

Employee Directory




Offer Letter (doc)

Offer Fax Cover (doc)

Flyer Template (pdf - editable by Adobe Illustrator)

PRDS Contract / Disclosures Tips & Tricks Escrows Vendors
Blank Purchase Contract

Blank Listing Contract

Blank As-Is Addendum

Blank Supplemental Seller Checklist

Blank Counter Offer

Blank Agency Disclosure

Blank Addendum

Blank Mold Disclosure

Blank Smoke Water Heater Disclose

  Open House Security & Showing Etiquette

1031 Exchange  Contact Ron Ricard 408-483-1031

Property Tax Lookup (by Addr or APN)

Santa Clara County Assessor

Alameda County Assessor

San Francisco County Assessor

Contra Costa County Assessor

Sacramento County Assessor

San Joaquin County Assessor

San Mateo County Assessor


Before hiring a Contractor brochure in English

Before hiring a Contractor brochure in Vietnamese

Before hiring a Contractor brochure in Chinese

Tips for hiring a Roof Contractor

10 tips for making sure your Contractor measures up

10 tips for making sure your Contractor measures up in Vietnamese

10 tips for making sure your Contractor measures up in Chinese

  Escrow Instructions/Broker Demand for Purchase (doc)

Northern Cali Escrow Tax Cost

a) Escrow/Title Company
Fidelity National Title Co.
Sales Manager - Dominic Conetto
2099 Gateway Place, Suite 100
San Jose, CA 95110
Mobile: (408)771-4104

Escrow Officer - Thu Tran
Phone#: (408)626-1102

b.) Home Warranty
First American Title
Iris Littrell (818)398-8006
Office#: (800)698-0422 Ext. 6015
Email: ilittrell@firstam.com  

c.) Tax – Short Sales  
First Tax Service
Dung Nguyen (408)493-9999

d.) Home Insurance
Farmers Insurance
Mary Tran (408)476-5335

e.) Commercial Insurance
Network One Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.
Thiro Lim (408)224-4650

f.) Short Sales Negotiator
Tuscany Real Estate Services, Inc.
Maria Jimenez (408)504-3315

g.) Residential Loans
GD Commercial Real Estate, Inc.
Christine Quach (408)888-4008

h.) Property Management
Tuscany Real Estate Services, Inc.
DBA Global Domain Properties
Steve Pham (408)888-5530

i.) Financial Planner – Upon Request
j.) Legal Counsel - Upon Request

k.) Vietnamese Radio Agency
Thien Kim (408)910-0314  

l.) Print Ad Agency/Business card
Silverlake Graphics and Printing
Diep Nguyen (408)509-5365

m.) All Purpose Locksmith
A-1 Locksmith (408)985-4088

n.) Post Installation/Signage
Pacific Post
Monzell Crockett (408)892-0723

Oakley Signs & Graphics
Dietrich Kolewe (800)373-5330 x206

CMYK Graphics Printing & Signs
Nam Q Lam (408)998-9100

Opticom Sigh Post Service
Phone#: (408)445-2054



Check Contractor License Status

o.) Inspections:

Giant Jim Inspection Services - Phone#: (800)231-8517

Van Hooser Enterprises, Inc. - Phone#: (408) 536-0550

HomeGuard - Phone#: (408) 993-1900

Far West Inspection - Phone#: (408) 250-2246

Property Inspection Service -

  • Phone#: (408) 261-7005
  • Fax: (408) 261-7005
  • Toll Free: 1-800-RED-FLAG
  • Address: 920 Winchester Blvd., Suite C, San Jose, CA 95128
  • Website: http://www.propertyinspection.com/

------- Single Family:

  • 0-2000 SF -- $385
  • 2001-3000 SF -- $450
  • 3001-4000 SF -- $625
  • 4001-5000 SF -- $750
  • 5001-6000 SF -- $900
  • 6000 SF & up -- Please call for quote

------- Condominium: $295 / Townhouse: $325 / Guest Cottage: $215

------- Multi-Family:

  • Du-Plex -- $575
  • Tri-Plex -- $725
  • Four-Plex -- $825
  • Five-Plex -- $975
  • Six-Plex -- $1,050
  • Seven units & up -- Please call for quote
  • 1st Re-inspection: FREE
  • 2nd Re-inspection: $175
  • Travel Fee: $35 (Depending on location)

Able Exterminators, Inc. - Phone#: (408) 251-6500

  • Fax#: (408) 251-3652
  • Email: Ablexterm@aol.com
  • Website: http://ableexterminatorsinc.com/ (Online Booking is Available)
  • Address: 68 N. Sunset Ave., San Jose, CA 96116 (Off of Alum Rock Ave.)
  • Open Monday - Friday 8am-5pm

p.) Natural Hazard Reports:

  • DisclosureSave - (877)302-3262
  • JCP - (800) 748-5233
  • First American NHD - (800)527-0027
Thom Warner (Account Manager) - (408) 690-2366


California Home Inspection Directory

Discount Fumigation: 408-279-2040

CRES Home Warranty: 888-681-1734 www.bhwc.com  (always add 10/.30 option for $30/trade call)

JCP Reports: www.JCPreports.com

LGS Reports: 800-814-5599 www.LGSReports.com

Tour Factory Virtual Tour Company

Photography Services

My Photo Studio (408) 238-6181

Staging Service

Office: (650)967-2575 / Fax: (650)967-2573
Address: 909 San Rafael Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043
Transaction Coordinators   Directory   Others  

Ann Truong (408)688-4252  Annttruong@yahoo.com 

Benita Hui   (408)813-6076 Benita.hui@tuscanyreinc.com

Kathleen Yuan (408)383-9889 Kathleen.yuan@gdcreinc.com Kathleen.yuan@tuscanyreinc.com

Phillip Ngo (408)981-0539 Phillip.ngo@tuscanyreinc.com Phillip.ngo@gdcreinc.com

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