The California Foreclosure Process
The foreclosure process contains 3 stages: Pre-foreclosure, foreclosure auction, and bank owned properties REO. Each stage in the foreclosure process can become very profitable when you understand each of the different stages and use creative real estate investing techniques. Our home study real estate foreclosure investing course will teach you how to successfully find foreclosures in each stage, how to creatively finance them, and finally how to profit from each deal. You will learn about bank foreclosures, real estate short sales and more. The greatest part about these real estate investment strategies is that they can be used anywhere throughout the U.S.
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Pre-Foreclosures with Short Sales
Investing in pre-foreclosures with short sales has never been better. With our home study real estate investing course, we take you step by step and introduce you to a creative technique called a real estate short sale. Short sales allow the real estate investor to discount the loan from the lender. You must know this technique if you want to be competitive in today's market.

The Real Estate Auction
The real estate auction or foreclosure auction can be a very rewarding place for those that do their homework. There are huge investment opportunities with discounts as much as .50 on the dollar. When buying foreclosures at the auction, it's critical to know the steps involved so you'll have a good experience.

Bank Owned Properties or Real Estate Owned REO
Bank owned properties commonly called REO or real estate owned is one of the most common foreclosure investment practices today. These are homes that have gone through the foreclosure auction and now because there were no bids, become a bank owned property or bank foreclosure. Be sure to search our foreclosure listings for bank owned properties.

Real Estate Investing Laws
The real estate investing laws for each state are different and changing. It's important when you begin investing in real estate foreclosures that you understand the real estate laws and procedures in your state. This will help you in your home foreclosure buying decisions. Find out about the foreclosure laws in your state.